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Intro to Computecoin

What is Computecoin?

Computecoin (CCN) is a decentralized infrastructure that powers Web2 and Web3 applications.
What is Computecoin?
First mover in the domain of Web3 infrastructure
Merged mining technology enables our computing power providers to mine multiple cryptocurrencies at once, maximizing mining returns 24/7
High technical barriers with our technologies backed by US patents and academic publications
World-class R&D team with abundant experience and deep expertise

What does Computecoin Offer?

Computecoin makes it easy for you to get started in all things Web3: AI, VR, AR, dApps, NFTs, and more by providing rich, low-cost, low-latency, and trustworthy computing and storage power for Web.3 pioneers. Plus, our secure and decentralized network ensures that your data is always safe.
AWS, Google Cloud, etc
Computing power provided by independent data centers, miners, mining farms around the globe
Computing power from data centers built and owned by a handful of corporate only

Low Cost
30% - 50% cheaper enabled by a hyper-competitive open market
Set by corporates; very costly

Broad Coverage
Computing power providers located globally, enabling a broader geo-coverage
Corporate owned data centers are limited in numbers and geographic diversity (e.g. very few in Africa)
Easier to scale. Computecoin Network is capable of executing a multiplicity of intensive computing tasks
Scalability restricted by the availability and capability of nearby data centers
Low Latency
Computecoin provides low latency network services for end users via its proximity network
Higher network latency due to limited geographic diversity of corporate data centers
Reliability and security provided by blockchain technology and Computecoin's proprietary patent PoH.
Corporate self-report their statistics/results; lack of transparency

Autonomous Governance
Computecoin community
Corporate decision makers

Computecoin Mining

Computecoin’s Merged Mining Technology is fully compatible with multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum (ETH), IPFS (FIL), Chia (XCH), Arweave (AR), and Crust (CRU).
Maximize Earning Potential Miners can mine CCN while mining ETH, FIL, XCH, AR, BZZ, or CRU
No Interference Mining on CCN won’t affect miners’ existing hash-power
Simplified Mining Experiences Directly connect rigs on CCN without customization
CCN Pro v. CCN Mini
Both CCN Mini and Pro miners will receive CCN mining rewards as long as the rigs are connected to the Computecoin network.
CCN Mini miners receive CCN mining rewards and Merged Mining rewards, which allows miners to mine ETH/AR/CHX/FIL/BZZ/CRU and CCN concurrently and earn both rewards using the same rig.
CCN Pro miners can maximize their earning potential through CCN Mining, Merged Mining, and Computecoin's upcoming Cloud Computing Marketplace.
  • For Cloud Computing Marketplace, CCN Pro miner can rent out their metapower to CCN end-users and earn service fees.
  • For Merged Mining, CCN Pro miners can only receive ETH/AR/CHX/FIL/BZZ/CRU mining rewards when they are not renting out their metapower to end-users in Computecoin's Cloud Computing Marketplace.

Computecoin Technology

The world-first DAG blockchain that supports smart contracts High-throughput; almost-zero gas fee
Interoperability with all major layer-1 blockchains Currently compatible with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, many more to come
Two proprietary US patents

Computecoin Team

Research & Development

CCN attracted 4 IEEE fellows, 10+ professors from renowned universities, and published two academic publications.
CCN also boasts a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.
CCN attracted professors from Columbia University, Technion (Israel), Stanford University, Princeton University, and McGill University (Cannada).


Dave Moellenhoff, CTO & Founder at Salesforce
Mitch Kennedy, Global Loyalty Strategy Lead at Dell
Dr. Steve Liu, an IEEE Fellow and Fellow at the Canadian Academy of Engineering, VP of R&D at Samsung AI center Montreal
Todd McGee, CEO and Global Business Development Officer at CataBoom
Norm Levy, Founder of The Social Norm, LLC
Kevin Henshaw, COO & President of Together Labs (Previously IMVU)
Jeff Unze, President, BD at BorderX Lab
Efe Büken, Senior partner of Muhabbit and Muhabbit Capital


Testnet I: Dome-A

More than 200,000 nodes are running on Dome-A
More than 100,000,000,000 Metapower (MP/s) are provided by miners in 25 countries, equivalent to 200,000 Nvidia 3080 cards.
50K+ Ale Wallet downloaded and installed

Testnet II: Huygens

Open testnet launching soon.

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